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From Red Rocks to the Dancefloor: Decker Rush’s 'Drop' Delivers a Powerful Message of Rhythm and Liberation

Decker Rush is hitting some serious high marks with the release of "Drop." Now based in Los Angeles, Rush masterfully blends house and tech house elements, creating a sound that resonates and totally primed to pop off in the club.

"Drop," released on Smith & Sorren's S&S Sound House, invites listeners to immerse themselves in its infectious moments. The track encourages uninhibited liberation through the vibes that are at hand.

Rush's appearances at events staged at The Ogden Theater, Regenerate Festival, Global Dance Festival, Decadence NYE, and Gerald Ford Amphitheater highlight his ability to connect with diverse audiences and show the man is on the rise and in demand.

Decker Rush's collaboration with Wessyde on the track "One Of Those Nights" achieved notable success, reaching number one on Beatport's Jackin House chart. All signs are pointing toward this winner of a release being the start and far from the last

As Decker Rush continues to press forward and push the limits, his unique blend of sounds and styles promises to keep fans and newcomers alike eagerly anticipating his next move. Whether in the studio or on stage, he consistently brings a fresh and engaging energy that sets him apart.


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