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Glaceo brings a chill tune for your Summer Nights

A relaxed blend of pop and chill house, with Glaceo takes care of his own vocals!

Antonio Montagner, better known as Glaceo, is a music producer and songwriter from Italy. At only 10 years old he already knew piano, guitar and music theory and has started to write, play and sing his own songs. Antonio started the "Glaceo" project in 2018, singing with the biggest Italian label Time Records; Armada and sub-labels of Sony Music and Warner Music. After being featured multiple times on Trap Nation, "Good ForYou" in collaboration with the multi-golden awarded Arman Cekin came out. 2020 started with a first feature in Spotify's NMF Italy and one of South East Asia's most popular TV Series, Running Man.

Antonio's signature vocal chops onces again make for a catchy chorus melody for you to enjoy during those warm summer nights. I am sure everyone is waiting to be able to come out again, and you can literally feel the Summer atmosphere from listening to the amazing-written lyrics:

Some feelings, some days

you will never forget and

some people, some places

Some evenings, somewhere

the waves were crashing on me

the smell of freedom in the air

And you’re still up in the middle

of my head and my mind

and I still cry just a little but I’ll be alright

and you’re still mine

you are why I sing, you are the reason why I smile (and I smile)

Do your remember, those summer nights?

Now, start your weekend with this chill tune:


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