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hypernaut Creates 'timeless' D'n'B Release Signed To Interstellar Audio

hypernaut, the DJ/producer who won the 2023 EDC Orlando Discovery Project, is back with "timeless," his second release on Interstellar Audio. This self-vocalized track is available for free download.

"timeless" explores the feeling of finding a soulmate, where time seems to come to a standstill. The lyrics reflect on a love so perfect and eternal, it feels like a classic song that never fades away.

hypernaut incorporates the concept of space-time dilation, comparing the stretch of time near a black hole to the timeless quality of deep, unyielding love. Just as time slows and stops near a black hole, this track captures the sensation of love feeling both infinite and ever-present. This analogy encourages listeners to consider the vastness of the universe and the timeless connections that shape our lives.

Rooted in Liquid Drum and Bass, "timeless" blends smooth, melodic tones with rich basslines, creating an experience that transports listeners from reality into their emotions. hypernaut’s ability to merge profound themes with the genre’s core elements makes this track a standout, offering a reflective journey through love and time's mysteries.

hypernaut has shared the stage with artists like Nia Archives, Alesso, San Holo, JSTJR, Robin Schulz, Joyryde, Cheat Codes, MUST D!E, and Dash Berlin. "timeless" is set to be another memorable release in his career.


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