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IMMENSE, Hellish And Someone Else Connect On Stunning Single “Countless Things”

Coming to Bayern-based label Essential Music, IMMENSE, Hellish and Someone Else have finally come together once again to unveil their latest masterpiece, “Countless Things.” The infectious future bass single follows the trio’s earlier 2021 collaboration “Never Hopeless,” and perfectly displays their chemistry with its heavenly vocals, nostalgic guitar melodies and anthemic drops.

“I think this is where my angry teen persona comes into play, the kind of person I've always been, the moment for self-expression is finally here, where I'm not faking everything being sunshine and rainbows, this record means a lot to me cause it marks a start to the artist I’ve always wanted to become but never would have imagined to be, at least not at seventeen,” explains Hellish.

Hailing from Bangladesh, New Delhi, and Chennai respectively, IMMENSE, Hellish and Someone Else are slowly but surely taking over dance music with their unmatched talents and work ethic. IMMENSE has already amassed a loyal following in his home country with bootlegs and official remixes of regional pop artists, while Hellish and Someone Else are considered one of the hottest rising names from India, having received support from massive industry tastemakers, among them Yellow Claw and 7clouds.


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