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UK's hottest photographer talks about how to get into the industry.

I have been asked by the readers numerous times in the past, how does one get involve into the EDM industry. I have put together a mini series of interviews of the people works closely with us. Our first interview is with Jaden Moss, photographer/videographer for numerous high profile DJs e.g. Quintino, LnyTnz, Sick Individuals and more!

If we gotta talk about the hottest photographer/videographer, we gotta mention Jaden. At the age of 20, Jaden is already one of the hardest photographer to be booked in Europe. Jaden first got into photography from a young age, now based in London, he has started shooting clubs and festivals since 2 years ago. Some of his high profile shoots include: Laserface Ibiza Europe debut, Jauz @ Tomorrowland, Above & Beyond @ EH1 festival + WHP Manchester, regular shoots at ministry of sound etc.

Would you please tell the readers how you first got into the industry?

It was at one of my first club shows I went to, pretty sure it was Dannic at Ministry of Sound, when I first thought about the career path at the age of 18. Then I thought to myself, it would be cool to take videos and photograph for these type of event. I reached out to a few London based DJs and "Duckworthsound" replied to me and agreed for me to shoot a couple of his London shows! A few months after he even took me along his tour to japan!

For Ministry of Sound I managed to convince them to get me some photo passes, and ever since I have been working for them which kickstarted my career! I love this industry because music is my life and what is better than doing something you love every weekend!

What was the worst experience you had on this job?

Not many bad things have happened to me working this job.... However there’s one time I got booked to shoot a gig in Manchester. After my dreadful 8 hours coach journey, I found out the DJ was ill and didn’t show up. That was interesting 20+ hour journey. Also another time during NYE, I had no stage access at O2 Academy Brixton! Making an after movie from only the crowd's perspective was an interesting task. 

Which would you say is your favourite show and why?

One of my favourite shows was Laserface Ibiza, I was absolutely shocked when the lasers came on. It was such an incredible production that hopefully they will come back to Europe soon. Another highlight was Jauz at Tomorrowland, I never thought I would be shooting at a festival this high profile with one of my favourite DJs. So when I got the message a week before the festival asking if I was available I was extremely happy! I also love ADE, it's such a crazy week with at least 3-4 shoots per day!

How is quarantine impacting you and how are you coping?

I am coping pretty well, this time in quarantine has allowed me to dig up old images and videos to use on my socials. So there are a bunch of unseen images going up weekly that I have only seen. Sadly most my shoots are cancelled this year until November, eliminating multiple tours and Europe festival shoots I have been working on.

How do you think people can help with the current situation?

I think everyone should be creative, especially photographers and videographers. You can still make videos with your old content, you never know who is going to share it. I am loving all these live sets from my favourite DJs too! So hopefully we get more of those in the future.

Anything you would like to tell the reader during this difficult time?

Stay positive! If you're a producer keep making music and if you are in the media industry keep digging up old images and videos for us all to see!


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