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Jai Nova Releases Hot New Single "Close Enough"

No one looks at me like you do, like I’m made out of glass, Oh baby Im see through”

London-born, Dubai-raised dance music artist Jai Nova recently released a hot new single that will undoubtedly have you swiping right for hours.

Featuring Luma, a Nashville-based singer, the track beautifully depicts the tale of love in a digital age.

Having already been featured by prestigious outlets such as MTV & Red Bull (and now WEDM), Jai Nova is on a journey towards international fame.

With an appearance at the Dubai Mall on June 14, Jai will be will be sharing the epic story of his rise through the ranks of the electronic music industry during an Apple Masterclass.

With summer taking centre-stage throughout the northern hemisphere, "Close Enough" is the perfect track to accompany a road trip through California or a beach party in Phuket.

Watch the lyric video here:


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