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Jaxis Drops Groovy New Single 'Whatcha Need' via Esc. Records

Talented producer and songwriter Jaxis is one of the hottest dance acts coming out of Hong Kong, striving to discover and combine different sounds in order to create music that hasn't been heard before.

Recently, the Hong Kong producer took part in the 'End of Time Tribute Remix', held by Alan Walker, K-391 and Ahrix, aiming to bring the best of Hong Kong's electronic music to the world. Check the track here:

Now, following explosive tracks 'Awake' with FaZaD and a remix for DJ King, Jaxis is back with his first solo original of 2020, releasing 'Whatcha Need' via bedroom based record label - Esc. Records. The track is driven by a soulful vocal sample and intense atmospheres, slowly builds up perfectly, before exploding into a gravelly yet melodic drop that is sure to get any dance-floor hyped up and moving.


"Escape your bedroom, get your music heard." - Esc. Records - a Bedroom based Record Label.


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