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Joe Hawes Releases Future House Gem “Tissues”

DJ and producer Joe Hawes has been working hard in order to leave his mark on the scene for some time now, and undoubtedly he’s getting closer to his goal with each release. The artist, who originates from Torquay, a quiet coastal town in the UK, discovered his love for music at the age of 10. That’s when he started playing drums and went on to join numerous indie and rock bands throughout his teenage years, before discovering electronic dance music and starting to perform in clubs as a DJ at the age of 17. 

Now, he just dropped his latest single “Tissues”, which marks his first release of this year, and one of his most exciting to date. It’s a song definitely made for the summer, in which Joe Hawes manages to blend tropical and future house elements smoothly. A female vocal dominates the single, that starts in a minimal way with playful marimba chords and synths, before the drop explodes into a series of bright leads and melodies. 


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