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Luke Alexander Spins Jeremih & YG's 'Don't Tell Em,' Into His Own Thing

The massively popular single created by Jeremih & YG, "Don't Tell 'Em," has received a house-inspired facelift thanks to the likes of Luke Alexander. The re-work hits all the right spots without losing the integrity of what the original track puts out there. Luke Alexander knows how to make something special and epic, which is exactly the fuel that is injected into this single. Dramatic and captivating, this DJ/producer builds a successful vision into the projects he takes on, "Don't Tell Him," being the latest example of just this.

Luke Alexander is 3 tracks deep, showcasing promise and distinctive attributes that are hard to look over. The man is popular in the clubs - having performed at LIV Miami, Daer South Florida, Story, Rockwell, Mokai, and Heart - he's now expanding more into the online/streaming side of things, which is clearly on the incline all things considered.

Luke Alexander has properly earned the label as one to watch, there certainly being more where this came from in the near future.


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