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Lykke Li, Skrillex, and Ty Dolla $ign Come Together For Genre-Fusing “two nights part ii”

This could be your favorite new song of the summer.

Lykke Li, Skrillex, and Ty Dolla $ign have teamed up to create an airy electronic masterpiece titled “two nights part ii.” The unlikely team collaborated to make the revamped version of “Two Nights,” initially released in 2018 as part of Lykke Li’s “So Sad So Sexy” album. While Skrillex played a behind-the-scenes role in the production of the original song, with part two, his influence is front and centre. Ty Dolla Sign sings a haunting pre-chorus leading into a thumping club baseline under Lykke Li’s vocals.

For Li, the song is a deeply personal one. “Two nights in a row, where’d you go? I’ve been smokin’. Two nights in a row, now I know that it’s broken” Lykke Li passionately sings. The decision for Li to make a new version of the song was likely an easy one; the Swedish artist told Fader that “‘Two Nights’ is so much my story that I wanted to hear it from another angle.” On the 26th, Lykke Li will release “Still Sad Still Sexy,” the full remix album for “So Sad So Sexy.”

Stream “two nights part ii” Here:


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