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Malaa Unveils "OCB," First Original of 2020

The cabal of Parisian producers that includes DJ Snake, Tchami and Mercer has been responsible for some of the biggest hits in dance music over the past couple years, so when rumblings of a new kid on their block come about, it's probably time to take note.

A series of mixes, a Major Lazer remix, and a freshly-released remix of Tchami's "After Life" have blown up out of the on and only Malaa, a heretofore unknown producer fresh out of France. Malaa's has returned with his first original of the new year really expresses the need for the underground scene. With a smooth grungy bassline riding underneath the fluttering hihats. OCB is a big move for Malaa's arsenal of 2020. Using mesmerizing vocal chops signature of the masked producer, drenched in reverb the vocals really push through the release making “OCB” a sinister yet intoxicating offering.


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