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MKJ join forces with Jessica Chertock to fight against the coronavirus

As coronavirus cases jump and deaths surge globally, new figures show an "enormous" level of contagion among medical personnel. Committed to those currently on the frontlines fighting against the COVID-19 (Coronavirus), MKJ and Jessica Chertock aim to spread a message of hope and support, just as these modern-day heroes do.

I cannot get enough of this track and its such a great tune to listen to over and over and over again yet not bored with it because it delivers every single time.

According to Worldometers, there are more than 1.78 million cases of Coronavirus confirmed and have reached 108k deaths. (Last updated April 12, 2020) Both Soave Records and the artists have decided that 20% of the net revenue of Frontlines will be donated to the Red Cross for its fight against the coronavirus.

Start your Monday with this tune and I promise you will be more motivated to work through the whole week.

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