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Narayan And theajsound Team Up Once More To Cover “Bad Habits”

Not long ago, Indian talent Narayan and long-standing singer and songwriter theajsound teamed up to deliver “Crawling” via OXYTIME, an infectious house banger that perfectly displays Narayan’s ethnic influences. Now, the duo is back once again with yet another single, this time taking on Ed Sheeran’s “Bad Habits” with an infectious cover. Carrying an intoxicating tropical house energy, “Bad Habits” is arguably one of Narayan’s biggest singles to date, and we couldn’t be more excited to keep following the young producer as he makes his way towards the top.

Though Narayan shared his debut single only last year, he is already turning heads and amassing massive acclaim within the industry due to his forward-thinking productions and inspiring dedication to his craft. So far he has collaborated with acclaimed vocalists like Harley Bird and John Dakolias, worked with companies such as CR2 Records and Audentity Records on a couple of sample packs, and recorded a mix for Taz Network, which went live on a YouTube Charity show organized by SuicideSheep with nonprofit TWLOHA.


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