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Neon Feather Invited To Remix The Two Fake Blondes' 'Battle Cry'

The Two Fake Blondes have released a remix of "Battle Cry," bringing Neon Feather to the frontier to handle the job. Neon Feather ended up putting together some future house energy that unequivocally nailed it when it comes to making the track different but not to different. The remix is colorful, with exciting arrangement helping amplify what the original already offered. Yet with this said, this track is different, containing an infectious groove that is hard to put down. Bursting with personality and a well equipped equilibrium locked in thanks to the capabilities of The Two Fake Blondes.

“'Battle Cry' came to us during a time of fasting while Hannah was experiencing medical difficulties, a song we really believed would bring people hope & empower them during times of difficulty like it did for us. We were so excited when Neon Feather wanted to get involved with a remix and he created an incredible remix. He's someone we've looked up to for a long time & having him be a part of this is so special!” - The Two Fake Blondes

The Two Fake Blondes have captures a well-rounded amount of success since the inception of their project. Blogs like Dancing Astronaut and YourEDM, Sirius XM’s Day Life, tens of thousands of streams, and so much more just scrapes the service of what the duo have done and will do.

Enjoy what Neon Feather has brought to the world with "Battle Cry (Neon Feather Remix)."


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