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PREMIERE: NOT YOUR DOPE takes us on a journey with his stunning Outer Worlds EP

Representing the EDM community from the foggy streets of Germany, the music producer known as Not Your Dope has been sharing his uniquely soulful brand of bass music with the rest of the world since 2012. Ever since his beginnings, his dedication toward breaking the tired mould of singular genres has acted as the driving force behind his production style; allowing him to explore a pantheon of different moods and sonic atmospheres.

After cultivating a unique and resonant identity for his creations, Not Your Dope teamed up with YouTube Goliath, Trap Nation to spread his sound to the world. Together, they released his most acclaimed song to date: an official remix of ex-Krewella member Rain Man's hit single "Bring Back The Summer", in April of 2016. The track was a soaring, euphoric symphony of overlapping melodies and bright synths that instantly captured the hearts of EDM fans worldwide. The remix now rests at a whopping ten million YouTube plays and five million Soundcloud hits.

One of his latest efforts, one that's been met with instantaneous support from MrSuicideSheep, CloudKid and Trap Nation, is a fiercely powerful collaboration with the vocalist MAX entitled "Indestructible". The track showcases both artists strengths in a beautifully intricate manner, with Not Your Dope's experience within the studio shining brightly alongside MAX's renowned skill on the microphone. Their work together yielded a truly special track that feels both familiar and freshly innovative at once.

German electronic music powerhouse Not Your Dope returns. Reinvigorated from a year-long break from original works, he breaks his silence with a refreshed style that caters to his ever-expanding bass-hungry audience, yet continues to redefine his boundary-pushing sound. The two-track EP embarks with “No Rule”, which proves that there indeed no rules to his sound, playing with shades of liquid drum and bass with masterful ease. “NASA (What If You)” further compounds this, leaving you drifting in the atmosphere, swept along by each passing cadence. You can listen to Outer Worlds EP bellow:


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