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O Cinnedi Delivers Psychedelic Concoction “Where Am I”

Over the past years, Canada-based DJ/Producer O Cinnedi has established herself as a dominant force within, having spent 10 years performing at Walt Disney World and 18 years performing with artists including Grammy Award winner Archie Penna, Elle Goulding, Rita Ora and many more.

With an array of accolades under her belt, the starlet has just dropped her latest, spiritually-tinged track - a blood-curdling dubstep banger based on a bad LSD trip. “This song represents a bad LSD trip I was on that affected my whole life, writing this was like letting go of any fear of the future,” explains O Cinnedi.

Throwing listeners into the fire with a grating synths and pounding distortion, a cataclysm of screeching bass sweeps the listener off their feet in an all-out immersive experience. Driven by brain-melting sound design and psychedelic vibes, O Cinnedi masterfully utilizes metallic sounds to craft a hard-hitting, bass-heavy track.


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