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Photos of People's Faces When Ponzoo's New Remix Hits (Told Through Memes)

One of the most prolific producers from North America is back in full force...

I don't know what it is about this kinda music. But when one of the fastest-rising producers in North America releases a new remix called Chained Up, people take notice.

There's something magical about the track. With hard-hitting snares taking full-force throughout the song, it's undoubtedly going to leave you in a state of awe.

Teaming up with Blaize, the signature sounds of both artists are clearly evident throughout the remix.

But you came here for the memes. And so here's a preview of what your face will look like when you hear the track:

The first verse...

When the drop hits...

The end of the remix:

If you want to feel the euphoric sense of what it's like listening to Ponzoo's remix of Chained Up , you can listen on Soundcloud here:


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