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What You Need To Know About The Protests In Hong Kong

Stunning photos are highlighting the vast extent of the protests, as up to 2 million people take to the streets.

If the numbers are confirmed, it would be the largest protest since the 1980s. With people attending on-mass from all over the city, traffic was brought to a complete standstill as people protested the proposed extradition law to mainland China.

With many people throughout the Special Administrative Region (SAR) fearing a growing influence from the mainland Chinese government, citizens are calling for the immediate resignation of Carrie Lam, the Chief Executive of Hong Kong, due to the social unrest throughout the city.

Since the protests originally began, Lam has agreed to suspend the extradition bill due to mounting public pressure over the issue. However, many are still unhappy with the decision as there is always an opportunity for the bill to be officially introduced.

"Suspending the law but not cancelling it is like holding a knife over someone's head and saying, 'I'm not going to kill you now.' But you could do it any time" - A protestor who had recently finished High School.

Even if Ms Lam was to resign, there is no guarantee of satisfaction due to Hong Kong's Cheif Executive being appointed by allies of the Chinese government.

Whichever way you look at it, this is undoubtedly a monumental moment in history.

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