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Rhea Raj Is The New Queen of NYC: Here's What You Need To Know

A guide on understanding her "Royalty" in the music industry...

Hailing from the east coast of the United States, Rhea Raj is undoubtedly no stranger to stardom. Having appeared on American Idol, and being catapulted into the top tiers of the music industry with multiple collaborations gaining millions of views, her success is unprecedented.

Gaining support from music industry legends such as Tiesto & Nicky Romero, everybody's eyes are on Rhea Raj's new music as she releases once more.

Taking centre-stage with her new song titled Royalty, it is clear that we are only in the opening chapters of a truly prosperous music career.

In collaboration with UpsideDown & Happy Singh, the tracks hip-hop influences within the instrumental compliment the toplines perfectly. Combined with the multiple vocalists, it is one of the hottest tracks of 2019.

Filmed in New York City, the music video features a Bonnie & Clyde style narrative of robberies, yachts, and genuinely spectacular music.

It can be said without any doubt that Rhea Raj is the new Queen of New York City, and her online following of over 50,000 people will undoubtedly be pledging their Loyalty upon hearing this track.


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