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Brazilian Phonk Early Adopter Slowboy Captures The Culture With 'Brazilian Phonk Mano' Collaboration

There’s a seismic shift happening in the Phonk scene, and at the epicenter is "Brazilian Phonk Mano" - a innovative collaboration between Slowboy, Crazy Mano, and lucaf. This track has reverberated through the Phonk cosmos, ushering a new era of explosive creativity and ingenuity.

Slowboy, the Norwegian Phonk prodigy, is the one of the boys behind this pulsating single.

With 5.3 million monthly Spotify listeners and a staggering 100 million global streams for "Brazilian Phonk Mano" alone, his style is reshaping the genre's landscape. Crazy Mano, a spectral figure in the Phonk world, made his electrifying debut with this track, and already has 5.8 million monthly Spotify listeners hooked to his beat. lucaf., a collaborator of Slowboy, spices up the ensemble with his distinct touch, enthralling 4.2 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

"Brazilian Phonk Mano" is a sonic supernova, fusing together the brilliance of these three artists, designed to leave an indelible mark on the global Phonk scene. Slowboy’s growing influence in the music industry is further amplified by his collaborations with DJ Paul, Shiloh Dynasty, Creeds, and Sadfriendd, as well as signing with reputed labels like Aurorian Records, Void of Phonk, Black 17 Media, and B1 Recordings.

His music has resonated across digital platforms, featuring in over 1 million videos on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. As a music lover, it’s an absolute delight to bear witness to Slowboy's monumental rise, setting the Phonk world ablaze, one beat at a time.


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