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Synthwave and Chiptune Merge Beautifully In The Golden Age of Wrestling's 'Ferrari Rocher'

In the world of ambient music, many artists blend in. But Vancouver's Jeff Cancade stands out. He introduces a unique sound called "glambient" with his project, The Golden Age of Wrestling (TGAOW). It's a mix of ‘90s Hollywood tunes, chip-tune beats, and rich vocals.

One standout track, “Ferrari Rocher,” begins with a familiar chiptune style reminiscent of old NES games. Yet, as Cancade does, the music evolves, offering listeners a fresh experience.

When not making music, Cancade draws inspiration from his love for wrestling during his teenage years. This passion is evident in TGAOW’s playful synthesizer sounds that remind one of a child's toy keyboard.

Live, Cancade delivers a visual treat. Lit by neon lights, he wears a veil and displays old film clips. His shows are an invitation for the audience to lose themselves in his world of sound and vision.


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