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Tiesto & Rita Ora Teach Us Their "Ritual"

And I'm always singing it like a prayer, When you touch me there, You'll always be my ritual

Ever wanted to be as fresh as Tiesto? Now's your chance.

Teaming up with music industry legends Jonas Blue & Rita Ora, his new song will undoubtedly leave you wanting more.

With passionately written lyrics from Rita, you too can be serenading your lover in the bedroom as the track plays softly from the speakers. Serving as an excellent follow-through to Tiesto's hit song "Jackie Chan", this song will be serving the airways spectacularly over the coming weeks.

Hailing from the UK, and producing hit-after-hit, it's pretty easy for Jonas Blue's name to be synonymous with success. With a high-energy chorus and beautiful timbres, I am lost for words. It's beautiful.

You can listen to the track here:


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