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Vandelux Makes Anticipated Return With 6-Track EP Dream State

Having established himself as a largely celebrated act within the electronic music scene, Vandelux is truly a name to keep your eyes on. Born in Vancouver, Vandelux started picking up steam in his local scene with some of his first singles, like “All Wrong” and “Bright Lights,” and quickly started expanding his discography to massive acclaim, receiving support from Apple Music and landing on Hype Machine charts multiple times.

Vandelux’s music has been synchronized on TV shows and movies multiple times, no wonder seeing how effectively the multi-instrumentalist can convert emotions and great vibes with his tunes. His brand new EP Dream State, out via TH3RD BRAIN, perfectly showcases his artistic vision, filled with exciting cuts that draw influences from house and soul. Spanning over 6 exciting tracks, Dream State is arguably Vandelux’s best work to date, and as the artist explains:

“This is my second EP, most of which was produced during the second half of quarantine. I've always been a light sleeper but in the heart of the pandemic I began reaching a deep state of sleep that I had never experienced before. I began having dreams - long, vivid, reality-altering dreams... and as life became more mundane, my dreams really came alive. I began looking forward to falling asleep again. Some of these dreams brought me back to my past - past travels, past relationships, high school, or some insignificant embarrassing moment from childhood. Some brought me to an alternate, euphoric reality that made complete sense to me in this dream state but was impossible to make sense of when I woke up. Other dreams were exhausting and terrifying. And then there were times that I'd dream about the day that just occurred, but with 1 or 2 subtle differences. Those are the ones that really mess you up! This EP - Dream State - was my best attempt to translate this altered reality - or at least my recollection of it - into something more tangible.”


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