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Wasback Donate Masks to the Mayor of Tortona for Medical Facilities

With over 180,000 COVID-19 cases confirmd and 24,000 deaths in Italy, Wasback has stepped up to assist the local Government and medical facilities on fighting the pandemic.

The Mayor of Tortona, Federico Chiodi has spoken:"There was another gesture that particularly strucked me today, a 22-years-old guy Alessandro Didonato (a.k.a Wasback), thanks to his work managed to go to China for a few times and has allowed him to buy and donate 1000 masks to our hospital. Its a nice gesture coming from a young guy who has proven to have so much civic sense." [Translated]

[Source: Comune di Tortona Facebook Page, 09 April 2020]

We have also asked Wasback to comment on this and his reply was:

"I am very dis-heartened to see this pandemic affecting so many people in my country and around the world. I mean... I don't earn alot like the others but I am trying to do a part within my ability to help..."

Hats off to you, Wasback.

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