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Who Are Project North & Why Should You Care?

With millions of views around the world, the Dutch duo's dominance within culture is certainly rising.

Pretty much everyone is a producer these days. With (literally) millions of artists on Spotify, our ears are constantly facing a never-ending influx of great tracks to listen to. It is quite literally an auditory orgasm for the senses.

But out of the millions of music producers & singers out there, how many can say that they have millions of views?

How many can say that they have over 180,000 unique people listening to their music on a monthly basis?

Project North can.

Where Are They From?

Comprised of Josh Brust and Jeroen Dekker, they are pretty well known for their hard-hitting acoustic based dance music. Having spent years honing their perfect blend of latin, hip-hop, and acoustic dance music, the talented duo are undoubtedly one of the fastest-rising artists within culture.

Where Can We Listen To Their Music?

Today's producer has to tap into multiple distribution channels in order to reach the widest possible audience. Project North have done exactly that.

Want to listen on Spotify? No problem.

Want to play on Apple Music? Easy peasy.

Want to watch videos on YouTube? They're on there as well.

Do They Like The Beach?

Who doesn't? With strong influences of summer vibes within their music, it's undeniable that it's perfect for playing at a yacht party.

In fact, here's a shot of them in Miami.

With a plethora of upcoming music from the duo scheduled for 2019, make sure to keep an eye out for them on your favourite social media channels!


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