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Wilhelmina & TwoWorldsApart unleash cool track 'In My Sleep'

You may remember Swedish artist Wilhelmina from her impressive album "Melodies" alongside Tom Enzy. The writer and singer now collaborates with TwoWorldsApart for "In My Sleep", a melodic house track with a mellow but high energy level, suitable for both activities and just listening. The German friends of TwoWorldsApart met six years ago and join Soave with this quality record - ten million plays later!

Hi, I'm Wilhelmina, some people also call me Willa or Willster. I cry a lot and I laugh even more. Right now I'm making a lot of music to dance to and I'm very excited to share it with all of you. Thank you for supporting Precious and Ringtone so far! Love u

What started as a chat on Soundcloud has turned into a great friendship between two great guys. With a love for electronic and bass-heavy music, they have been releasing songs in all genres since 2016 - and have recently returned to their roots - house music.


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