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Will Laroca Delivers Inspirational Single 'Northern Lights'

For over ten years, Swedish artist William Fredriksson has been a major force throughout the entire music industry. He is one of Sweden's most brilliant minds when it comes to auditory sound design, earning multi-platinum as part of the production team TMA. This gifted individual has guided Sweden towards its modern hip-hop style and projects with some of the top Nordic hip-hop names. Now, his newest venture, under the alias Will Laroca, is making waves in the electronic scene.

Laroca's style is truly one-of-a-kind. It blends elements of electronic and acoustic together, incorporating a variety of genres. The result is a distinct sound influenced by rap, EDM, disco, rock, funk, pop, country, and more, as well as lyrics and melodies that push a deeper message to Laroca's audience. Following up on Laroca's debut single "Holy Ones", the rising act releases "Northern Lights", another uplifting masterpiece.

Speaking on the meaning of the track, Laroca explains, “the Northern Lights is a metaphor for the guiding light of positivity I felt when I was able to bring myself from a dark place. To me, it was with the help of my faith, but for others, it can be something else, the positive force that has the power to guide you through tough times.” By channeling his angelic voice and invigorating production, Laroca fills listeners with hope and optimism while giving them something they can play over and over again.


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