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Able Grey & Meridian Join Forces On Moment-Capturing Bass Single 'In The Forest'

Able Grey, the founder of Ex Medias and a fast-growing figure in the Chicago electronic music scene, now he's teaming up with none other than Meridian for a trippy new release, "In The Forest."

Among his upcoming engagements, Grey is set to perform at the inaugural Chicago Beyond Wonderland festival and will open for notable artists Clozee and Daily Bread at Radius Chicago. His live presence extends to notable achievements, including 2 sets at the 2023 North Coast Music Festival and his music being signed by Subsidia, a label established by Excision.

The track “In The Forest,” a collaboration between Able Grey and Meridian, is an exploration of rhythmic depth and auditory intrigue. Set at 110 BPM, it features deep bass lines and sharp percussion, designed to put the listeners into a pleasure-inducing and somewhat hypnotic state. The song's structure includes carefully crafted drops characterized by clear, strong wubs, creating an enveloping atmosphere that grows more complex with each listening.

Tom Giannola, known professionally as Meridian, brings a fresh approach to electronic dance music by refusing to confine himself to a single genre. He has thrown down sets at several prestigious Chicago venues such as Prysm, Soundbar, and Chop Shop. In addition, his participation in the 2023 North Coast Music Festival highlights his growing presence in the festival circuit. Meridian's performances are epic and simply not to be missed if you are in the larger Chicago area.

Check out "In The Forest" below.


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