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forgetmenot & farfetch'd unleash exciting track 'Hot Since 94'

Swedish chill legends farfetch'd return to Soave with "Hot Since 94", the label that introduced them to the world and where they grew their audience to tens of millions, along with forgetmenot. As we've come to know them, this gem is another warm chillout house tune that makes any place feel like a swimming pool. Soak up the acoustic sun rays and put on your sunglasses, because these Swedes are here to deliver the heat!

Friends Johnny Bergstroem & Jerry Sjoedin (farfetch'd) form a melodic deep house duo born and raised in Sweden. When they found themselves in the northern aurora borealis one night, the spirits of music joined forces. Now their quest for enlightening electronic comfort-chill-lounge music has begun. They definitely have a bright future ahead of them. Wherever you are, on a Mediterranean beach, in a moonlit groove at 5am or in the murderous levels of office desks, farfetch'd will be there.


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