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League of Legends Wombo Combos That Gives You a Mini Orgasm

If you had ever played League of Legends, you’d know nothing is more satisfying than a Wombo Combo. Every now and then everything comes together and you and your team are perfectly in sync, making that insane combo happen.

We have handpicked some videos showcasing the beautiful teamwork and combos on the rift.

@0:43 Malphite hit a 5 man ulti where Oriana ulted instantly, follow up by hecarium’s and MF’s ultimate. The enemy team just couldn’t do anything.

@3:25 Gnar landed a 5 man ult at mid lane, causing the enemies stunned against the wall, convenient for Qiyana where she easily scored the quadra kill with her ult.

Submit your plays to us to get featured on the next video.


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