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merry choppins Drops Exciting Double Single “ib2up” Feat. Tim Gent & "to one beat funk”

With a number of singles out already and a sound that is more than promising, merry choppins is gearing up for an explosive 2022. Behind the buzzing alias is multi-faceted musician Tony Esterly, who has been cementing himself as a producer behind the scenes for many years, working alongside artists such as BTS, SIA, Andra Day, Yo Gotti, KIRBY and Ashe among numerous others. Ever since the world was hit by the pandemic, he found the opportunity to create music for himself again, and merry choppins was brought to life.

merry choppins has already collaborated with R&B talent Jessy Wilson and alternative act Island Police, while his brand new double single features a cut alongside Tim Gent, titled “ib2up,” as well as solo track "to one beat funk.” Both songs perfectly display merry choppins’ diverse and unique production style, with the first combining hard-hitting beats and fast-paced flows, and the latter bringing together psychedelic melodies and groovy basslines.


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