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No Worries Teams Up with Smith & Sorren for New Release 'And You' on S&S House Sound Label

Tapping to a tech house vibe, "And You" stands out as a cool collaboration between No Worries and Smith & Sorren, offering up an anthem that’s as catchy as it is deep. This track, with its simple yet potent composition and a drop that’s got both personality and punch, is a brilliant example as to what happens when like-minded artists join forces. No Worries sums it up perfectly: "I found the vocal, I knew it would be a good one, after my brother’s Smith & Sorren's touch the song - it became one of the best songs in my discography."

This partnership isn’t just a random team-up; it’s the result of shared values, a mutual love for house music, and a history of killing it at live shows. Released on Top Shelf Disco, "And You" feels like a natural progression of both acts’ journeys in the music world.

No Worries, the stage alter ego of Erdem Gul, has been making waves in Miami with his unique take on Tech House. With bangers like "Addicted" and notable collaborations, he’s quickly becoming a go-to name for fresh, floor-filling tracks.

On the other side, Smith & Sorren have been crafting their own path in New York City, earning nods from big names and landing their tunes on major playlists. Their story is one of friendship turned into a powerhouse duo, making waves far beyond their hometown.

"And You" captures the essence of both No Worries and Smith & Sorren’s contributions to the electronic scene, serving up a track that’s not just for the dancefloor but a reflection of their musical journey so far. It’s laid-back yet engaging, showcasing the best of both worlds in a single, memorable experience.


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