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Tyron Hapi Talks About Motivation & Jam Donuts

"Whenever I'm not in the zone to make music or feel uninspired, I just do other things that I enjoy"

Tyron Hapi is currently making his mark as one of the best up-and-coming producers that Australia has to offer.

There is no doubt Tyron is part of a new school of producer to emerge of late; a new breed that has been brought up on a musical diet of electronic music and club culture, and you can safely place your bets on Tyron to be a future leader in the next phase of the scene's evolution.

Read below for the full interview with Tyron.

Was there a defining moment in which your entire career changed?

I don't feel like there has been "that moment' yet. For me its just a gradual build - or at least it feels that way. I don't think there would ever be a moment where this is going to change my career. There have been small successes that have helped build what I'm doing, but I never celebrate too hard. I think I'm pretty hard on myself and can never actually sit back and appreciate what I've done. However, I guess that can be an excellent trait to have as it'll always keep me wanting more.

What do you want to accomplish in your life?

I haven't thought that far ahead! However, I would love to achieve everything musically possible! If you can create, why stay in one lane? Creativity can inspire so many different things if you let it. A big thing for me is to collaborate with as many people as possible. I love how everyone thinks differently and does things a way you wouldn't do yourself. But the main thing I want to accomplish is to make other people happy through music. There's no better feeling than that.

How does someone in the music industry continue to stay motivated when times are tough?

The music industry and being a producer/artist is fun but can be unbelievably hard. The phrase "times are tough" can have a different meaning for everyone. But for me, it means being uninspired and feeling like my songs aren't good enough. To be honest its a feeling everyone gets. I mean, I've never met someone who thinks that every song they've made is the best thing since sliced bread. Something I realized only recently is that "balance" is the most important thing in life. Too much of something, no matter what it is always bad.

Whenever I'm not in the zone to make music or feel uninspired, I just do other things that I enjoy. Hang out with family and mates, hit the gym, destroy people in fortnite lobbies etc. Eventually, ill feel inspired again, usually after a day or two. Breaks are necessary!

What are 3 things you're grateful for right now?

- My family and the people I have around me,

- being in a position to make music for everyone,

- Jam donuts. I think they're heavily slept on.


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