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wEDM.Gaming launched - PS4 and Razers give away

Where Music Meets Gaming and Culture.

A Big fan of League of Legends? Call of Duty? PUBG?

wEDM has launched its wEDM.Gaming - a series constantly share funny game-play and pro-plays contents along with some dope music.

In order to celebrate this successful launch, wEDM.Gaming is now giving away PS4, RazerCynose V2 and much more huge prizes! All you need to do is three simple steps:

  1. Follow our Instagram and our Spotify;

  2. Follow Yaman's Instagram and Yaman's Spotify;

  3. Tag two friends in the PrizeDraw Instagram post.

All done! Now just sit back and wait for the winners to be announced on 21st September at 13:00 (GMT+2)!

*You must complete the above three steps to be eligible to 'enter' the prizedraw.

*wEDM Official (London) Limited reserve the final rights and decisions.


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