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Yosmer Davis And Moon Shot Team Up To Unleash “Shake It”

Two exciting up-and-comers of immense calibre, Yosmer Davis and Moon Shot are slowly but surely taking over the dance music scene. The two artists, hailing from Peru and Croatia respectively, are both experienced DJs with a number of massive shows under their belt, while also having received support from Yultron, Lumberjack, Ftampta, Paul Van Dyk, Malaa, Eximinds and many more. 

Now, they have teamed up for one of their most exciting releases to date, “Shake It”, which is out now via heavyweight UFO Recordz. This international collaboration is sure to captivate listeners and fellow DJs alike, an explosive festival banger with a ton of potential. Thumping kicks and hard bass drive “Shake It” forward, while the drop takes the energy up a notch, bringing together infectious synths and weird effects.  


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