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Adam Kneale releases emotional yet relaxing single Light Up

'Light Up' is the second single of Adam's upcoming full-length album 'Blavatnik Building' due for release in December.

The Australian born songwriter/ producer has grown up with a wide degree of music influences which symbolised on his music. Adam takes on a more minimalistic approach to music and finds genius in simplicity through channeling influences such as Bon Iver, Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift.

'Light Up' speaks for most of us as we have all been there. It is a story of a male and female who are desperately in love but can't seem to work through those difficulties of their relationship. They each suffer intense hurt due to the actions of one another but are still drawn to each-other. Check it out here:

Knowing the behind story of the song while listening to it, I'm drawn to the relaxed and emotional nature of it, which slowly and carefully builds to a climax in the final chorus...

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