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With Over 50M Streams, Bossfight Now Reveals 'Decimate' On Monstercat

Erik Bjärngard, better known in the electronic music world as Bossfight, has cemented his place as a fast-riser and one to watch. His artistic journey began with a bang on Monstercat in 2017, introducing a sound that melds the intensity of dubstep and metal with the complexity of orchestral, drum and bass, and trance.

This eclectic mix has not only defined his unique musical signature but also earned him the respect of industry giants and a devout following.

Bossfight's influence stretches beyond the music charts, with his tracks becoming anthems in the gaming community, featuring in titles like Fortnite and Rocket League. On top of this, he's scored over 50 million streams and featured spots on Spotify’s Dubstep Don and Nitroboost playlists.

His latest track, "Decimate," is a culmination of his innovative approach to music production. Released by Monstercat, it embodies the raw energy and dynamic sound that fans have come to expect from Bossfight.

The young talent is in the prime of his life, but not the prime of his career - he's still has higher to climb. Bossfight knows how to make a great bass song stick.


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