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Alec Jordan Drops Moody yet Energetic tune Keep it

"This song was written after a similar breakup situation occurred in both JonesJrr and myself, driving us to express the sad truth... that we wish we were just numb to these emotions." - Alec Jordan.

The Washington based singer-songwriter continues to capture attention from his blend of upbeat pop and R&B vibes after his first single 'Oceans' is released. Alec Jordan has confirmed that the latest release 'Keep it' is yet his best project. Check it out:

The song is truly a diverse song that blends genre perfectly. As heard in the hook of the song "My heart, fu*k it you can keep it", both Alec and JonesJrr were tired of feeling miserable over something that felt one-sided. 'Keep It' was definitely a 'therapy' for both of them to write and to be fair, most of us have been there... Feeling a relationship that was one-sided, and the last hope being destroyed...


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