top of page Drops Hard-Hitting Techno Via 'The Back Beat' EP On Label Eclipse Red

Fans of the techno space are about to get a dose like never quite heard before. Hailing from Phoenix,, is dropping something that had the artist out of her comfort zone, her release of The Back Beat EP is the result of her efforts, dropping on the label Eclipse Red.

Leading the EP's tracklist is "The Back Beat," a futuristic jaunt through throbbing basslines blending together with the perfect amount of computerized vocal samples. The theme of the experience grips and holds the attention from start to finish. "Talk To Me" follows suit, retaining the hard-hitting techno vigor while adding a dash of melodic elements to give it some needed distinguishing features. A pinch of sweetness in the otherwise spicy brew.

2022 was a strong year for, and 2023 is shaping up just as nicely. She had the honor of providing direct support for renowned artists Marsh and Sacha Robotti, an opportunity she was grateful to have come her way. She was invited to perform at both Dusk Music Festival and Arrival Festival, having nothing short of 2 successful sets. Moreover, she had the privilege of opening for Drumcode's Tempe tour. Alongside her live performances, her music has gained well over 120,000 Spotify streams.

With The Back Beat EP, is showcasing something that speaks to her heart and proves handling unique challenges is something she's happy to tackle.

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