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Dubstep Talent Automhate Collaborates with Mad Dubz and Hukae On 'Robotico' EP

In the echelons of dubstep and bass music, where power and brutality reign supreme, a new sovereign has emerged: Automhate. The latest EP, Robotico, speaks to the very DNA of the genre. This is not a passive experience, but an assault on the senses, mirroring dubstep's initial rebellious nature.

Yet, while the album channels the genre's inherent bone-shaking qualities, it's not merely an exercise in force. There's a meticulousness to the sound design - the synthesis of intricate synth work with thunderous basslines – which gives it a layered complexity. This, when combined with collaborations from the likes of Mad Dubz and Hukae, introduces a multi-dimensional aspect to the tracks. One can't help but reflect on the path that led Automhate to this moment; the earth-shattering success of tracks like 'Poppe' and 'Robot Dick' and the nod of approval from giants like HOL! playing his tracks at Red Rocks.

With Robotico EP Automhate hasn't just crafted a sonic masterpiece. He has produced an epitome of the genre's potential.


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