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Aux Fest Edition One is Here: Celebrating Songwriting Excellence and Inspiring Showcases (17th-22nd)

Music has an uncanny ability to bridge distances, not just of space but of soul. Aux Family, with their staggering 6 billion streams, is orchestrating such a bridge in the heart of Costa Blanca with "Aux Fest". A cultural mosaic set against the scenic backdrop of a Spanish villa, it heralds a revolution in collaborative music-making.

The roster reads like a world tour: from the melodic heartbeats of Chile and France to the eclectic rhythms of Sweden, Norway, and the USA. Artists of the caliber of Sistek, Dyrisk, KLYMVX, and the magnetic Dafne Adriana are set to cast their spell, promising a diverse soundscape.

In the ambient embrace of La Gran Vida, Aux Fest will journey through the intimacy of acoustic melodies, the infectious spirit of indie bands, culminating in the immersive tones of deep house as day gives way to night.

Aux Family's brilliance isn't just in curation, but in amplification. Their synergy with Bay Radio promises that the reverie of Aux Fest won't be limited to Costa Blanca's shores, but will resonate globally. It's not merely a festival; it's Aux Family's ode to the boundless possibilities of music when borders fade away.

More Info

  • Visionary Venture: Aux Fest, a groundbreaking songwriting camp and showcase, reimagines collaborative music creation on the Costa Blanca.

  • Global Artistry: International artists convene in a Spanish villa for a 4-day intensive music-making experience, fostering cross-genre collaboration and innovation.

  • Captivating Culmination: Creativity unfolds at La Gran Vida, an open-air venue, featuring diverse performances from acoustic melodies to indie bands and deep house sets.

  • Stellar Lineup: 6 acoustic/live acts and 6 DJs curated worldwide, representing Chile, France, Sweden, Norway, and the USA.

  • Notable Names: Sistek, Dyrisk, KLYMVX, Blakey and Dafne Adriana are examples playing the event, embodying diverse musical expressions.


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