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AVANCE Drops Heavy 'Graves Full' EP On PhaseOne's Label Sounds Of Mayhem'

In the ever-evolving world of music, there are artists who stand out, not just for their talent but for their depth and understanding. AVANCE, with his Graves Full EP, is one such artist. From Sydney’s vibrant music scene, he brings a deeper, more intense shade of dubstep to the fore.

The EP, a proud presentation under Sounds Of Mayhem Recordings, showcases what AVANCE does best. It's a culmination of methodical planning, intricate sound design, and a touch of indescribable zest that simply makes him 'him.' His attention to detail is impeccable, ensuring that each beat, each note, has a purpose and place.

His decision to collaborate with artists like Sam Lamar and Nosphere adds rich layers of complexity and allure to the EP. These collaborations serve as bridges, connecting different musical worlds into a cohesive experience. Every track, while undeniably powerful, tells a story. It hints at AVANCE’s ambitions, his journey, and his in-depth exploration into the complex nature of humanity, at least, that's what I draw from it. I believe other bass music fans would agree. For those who appreciate bass that engages both intellect and soul, Graves Full EP stands as a beacon of musical maturity.


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