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AYOO And XPNSV TASTE Flex Their Combined Style In 'Drippin Non Stop'

Wild and ruthless, "DRIPPIN NON STOP," contain a jaw dropping, fast pace nature about it that is nothing short of infectious. Clobbering a distinctive attitude sync up with all-around strong writing and timing, AYOO and XPNSV TASTE have hit the nail on the head with this one.

The track builds it power layer by layer, beat to beat. It's dark, yet carries a community aspect about it the drive a certain desire to hear it played out in a performance setting. Fun music comes in many forms and "DRIPPIN NON STOP," is a member of the club.

AYOO have released other tunes that have the same fever and complexity as this one, but they've outdone themselves in the case, when compared to other track tgat are bass house. Without being able to be done without the efforts of XPNSV TASTE, there's a certain spirit born out of the electricity of when these two acts put their skills to the test.


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