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Guy Horne Shows Off Smooth Sound In The Release Of 'Broken Before'

Dive into the poignant melodies of "Broken Before" and you're immediately swept up in Guy Horne's raw, emotive journey. Every pulse of the song is drenched in memories of a past romance, an example to the creative moments shared with an ex-partner. This isn't just a song; it's Guy's heart laid bare.

Before making waves in the music scene, Guy was already making a difference, raising a ton of money for local affordable housing. It was viewing of Oasis' 'Supersonic' that kindled his passion for tunes, urging him to craft music that resonates deeply. With tracks already boasting over a million streams and a memorable live gig on BBC Introducing, it's evident that "Broken Before" stands tall as something with major potential.

Alongside the song's release, Guy Horne's been soaring, and not just musically. Teaming up with 'X Anima' for a chic music video in London and collaborating on a drum and bass remix with DNMO set for November, it's clear that his horizon gleams brightly.

Having music maestros like Ed Graves and Grammy-award winner Oli Jacobs from "Harry’s House" in the mix is just the finishing touch to Guy's undeniable talent. The buzz around him suggests he's going places and fast.

As Manchester ushers in a fresh sound this autumn, the credit goes to Guy Horne. Drawing from the iconic influences of The Stone Roses and Oasis, he offers an introspective narrative with "Broken Before," slated for release on 27th September 2023. It's more than a track – it's a heartfelt tribute to the peaks and troughs of love's journey.


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