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Cash Cash Drops New Single Ride or Die Featuring Phoebe Ryan

Multi-platinum electronic music trio Cash Cash are back today and with big news we've all been anticipating - a new single 'Ride or Die' ft. Phoebe Ryan.

The track illuminates the enduring power of their signature sound. Shimmering keys twinkle through a thumping bass line and head-nodding beat before culminating on a sweeping and soaring refrain from phoebe as she asks, "Are you with me ride or die?" "This song is about the one person in your life - whether it is a friend, girlfriend, parent or family member - you really lean on".

Announcing their highly anticipated album 'Say it Like You Feel it', initially teased out the album with 'Too Late' (feat. Lukas Graham & Wiz Khalifa), and the album kicks off with '42' - underscored by breezy acoustic guitar, this upbeat bop recalls 'memories of being in Las Vegas and drinking a bottle of 42 every night', smiles Samuel. Check out 'Ride or Die' here:


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