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Contra Scandal Drops Immersive Album Full Circle Via Gravitas Recordings

One of the most impressive talents currently rising within the bass music spectrum, Contra Scandal has come a long way since he started playing the violin at age 4, and went on to become an accomplished metal guitarist in high school. Transitioning to electronic music production after attending his first rave back in 2009, Contra Scandal has shaped his sound and skills, now finally ready to drop his latest album Full Circle via Gravitas Recordings.

Written within 6 months last year as the entire world was locked in quarantine, Full Circle is a stunning showcase of Contra Scandal’s intricate creative mind. Spanning over 9 original tracks and a remix from fellow bass maestro Morillo, Full Circle is filled with psychedelic production and gritty basslines. Tracks like “Mile High Livin’” and “Full Circle” display Contra Scandal’s ability to create heavy bass gems, while others like “Hard Way” and “The Remaining Light“ transcend listeners into another dimension with rumbling low end and ethereal melodies.


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