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CRMBS & SCHEINY Show Off Bumpin' House Singles In Releases 'Sidechick' & 'The Way You Moov'

CRMBS and SCHEINY have teamed up to unleash 2 epic, head-turning songs. These guys have dropped the action with Hood Politics Records, the underground label led by DJ Susan. The tracks, "The Way You Moov" and "Sidechick," are the kind of music that makes you want to find the nearest dance floor and just let loose.

"The Way You Moov" isa lively rework of Outkast's hit. It's a whole new vibe that simply must be heard to be understood. CRMBS and SCHEINY have given it a unique spin, adding a groovy, infectious bassline that’s got a life of its own. It's the kind of track that grabs you from the first moment and keeps you hooked until the last.

Then there's "Sidechick." It takes the classic vibe of the Pointer Sisters and turns it into a bass-heavy, modern-day dance anthem. The bassline here is relentless, and the reimagined vocal samples add a fresh, contemporary edge. It's a track that’s both a nod to the past and a leap into the future of house music.

What’s cool about these tracks is how they reflect the evolving nature of house music. CRMBS and SCHEINY have taken familiar tunes and infused them with a new energy and style. It's about keeping the spirit of the originals alive while creating something totally new and exciting.

And if you're in Chicago on December 9th, you’re in for a treat. CRMBS and SCHEINY are set to perform at Sound Bar, supporting tech house artist Wenzday. It promises to be a night of great music, where the new tracks will undoubtedly shine and get the crowd going. So, if you’re all about that house music life, these are the tracks and the artists you need to check out.

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