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Damo Cox Independently Releases Inspiring Minimal House EP In 'Wub Me'

In a world pulsating with options in the electronic music sphere, Damo Cox has fashioned a unique lexicon in the expansive genre of minimal house. This Australian’s latest tracks, Wub Me EP, constructs an architecture of sound that's both euphoric and introspective.

With “Get With Me”, he synchronizes the listener with a collective consciousness of the dance floor - a space not just of movement, but of unity and divergence. It is an ode to the nights where sounds become tactile, lights metamorphose into rhythm, and one’s being is inextricable from the music.

Contrastingly, "Deep Wubs" traverses into a realm of expansive thought. It's as if Cox teleports us from the dance floor to a starlit sky, wherein one floats amongst constellations of melodies. This duality symbolizes not only his versatility but also the vast soundscape of house music itself.

Behind this DJ/producer lies a tale of transformation, from wakeboarding to soundboarding. His journey underscores the omnipresent theme of change within the music realm, making Damo Cox a shining example of what to do right with your music career.


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