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Disco Fries Self Release 3rd Album 'Another World' On Lift Off Recordings

There’s a fresh breeze blowing in the music world, and it's carrying the scent of hot Disco Fries. Our beloved DJ duo is back and whipping up a storm with their third album, Another World. Straight from the esteemed Liftoff Recordings, this album is like a sumptuous feast with 9 tracks that are all set to tantalize your musical taste buds.

Nick and Danny, the charismatic pair we fondly know as Disco Fries, have a legacy of chart-topping hits, especially with big names like Tiësto. Their latest endeavor promises not just music, but a enriching journey. With a rich line-up of collaborations, every track offers a different flavor, making the album a delightful treat for the senses.

Now, let's chat about the track that’s been the lead off the album - "Love You Loud". Featuring the talents of Leon Stanford and Ferry Corsten, the song is all-around electrifying and boasts a melodic design that hits all the right pleasure centers.

This album is not just a collection of songs; it's a deep diver into the hears and minds of Disco Fries. Boasting a variety of genres, the album will speak to folks of all walks of life.

Hear the album for yourself below and dive into what Disco Fries has to offer.


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