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Dr. Ozi Releases Brutal 5-Track EP Host

Within the past decade, Never Say Die mainstay Dr. Ozi has undoubtedly established himself as a prominent underground bass music act. The Toronto-based and New Delhi-raised producer has released a handful of EPs on labels such as NSD: Black Label, Buygore, Firepower Uplink Audio and more, directly supported dubstep pioneer Zomboy on tour, as well as received support from massive names such as Skrillex, SKiSM, Snails, Nero, Slander, Adventure Club and many more. 

Now, following his earlier 2020 single “Mumbai Madness”, Dr. Ozi has released his Host EP via Never Say Die. Spanning 5 tracks in length, it’s a stunning and sinister showcase of his production skills and talent. The introductory track starts off with a heavenly atmosphere before swinging into a wonky dubstep drop filled with metallic sound design, while the following tracks offer similar monstrous sound design and grooves, proving once again that Dr. Ozi is here to stay. 

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